The stamp of loneliness on Coda Story

Here is a great publication about my project ‘The stamp of loneliness’ and it’s consequences on the new story telling platform Coda Story.

I did­n’t know much about Yere­van’s LGBT com­mu­nity when in, in 2010, I de­cided to start doc­u­ment­ing their every­day lives.

But like every­one else in the city, I knew that there was a park called Ko­maygi in front of the may­or’s of­fice where cross-dressers and trans­gen­der peo­ple — many of them sex work­ers — gath­ered at night. I wanted to find out who these peo­ple were. Once in a while, their sto­ries would catch the at­ten­tion of the me­dia, but only when some fer­vent de­fender of pub­lic moral­ity phys­i­cally at­tacked a cross-dresser, or a politi­cian is­sued a call to cleanse the park of so-called im­moral peo­ple. Oth­er­wise, we knew noth­ing about them.

The stamp of loneliess