“Survivors” are eyewitnesses to the horrors that befell Armenians during the scourge by Ottoman Turkey in 1915-18. I began this project in 2005 and it’s still ongoing. In the photographs of my project, survivors in black and white, holding a photograph of themselves when they were younger. For many of them, the photograph of their younger self is the only one they have and the photograph taken of me might be the last one.

I became interested in this project, because I wanted to discover how the survivors were living today in their old age. As I began to photograph them, however, it became evident to me that my photographs also served as a vital document and a living evidence of the Armenian Genocide.

At the same time, I became more and more aware of the fact that past and present are irrevocably linked. In other words, the past simply cannot be forgotten, because it has simply seeped into the present.

Armenia. 2005-2014